ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference

 Class AuthenticationToken


Manialink Authentication Helps using the Manialink Authentication System developped by NADEO.

Note that it only works with United Forever accounts.

Located in /libraries/AuthenticationToken.class.php (line 15)

Method Summary
 static bool checkAuthenticationToken (string $playerlogin, string $token)
static checkAuthenticationToken (line 37)

Check if the login and the token are correct for the authentication

  • throws: AuthenticationTokenNoLoginException
  • throws: AuthenticationTokenInvalidTokenException
  • throws: AuthenticationTokenInvalidLoginException
  • throws: AuthenticationTokenBadTokenException
  • throws: AuthenticationNationsTokenUnknownPlayerException
  • throws: AuthenticationTokenFailedException
bool checkAuthenticationToken (string $playerlogin, string $token)
  • string $playerlogin
  • string $token