ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference


Class Description
Abstract class GuiComponent The GuiComponent is a generic and abstract element that only contains position, size and scale info.
Abstract class GuiElement Base class for creating GUI elements
 class Spacer A blank element, useful to place gaps between elements when using layouts
 class Quad Quad
 class Icon Icon
 class Bgs1 Bgs1 quad
 class Bgs1InRace Bgs1InRace quad
 class BgRaceScore2 BgRaceScore2 quad
 class BgsChallengeMedals BgsChallengeMedals quad
 class BgsPlayerCard BgsPlayerCard quad
 class Icons128x128_1 Icons128x128_1 quad
 class Icons128x32_1 Icons128x32_1 quad
 class Icons64x64_1 Icons64x64_1 quad
 class MedalsBig MedalsBig quad
 class IncludeManialink Include
 class Format Format
 class Label Label
 class Entry Entry
 class FileEntry FileEntry
 class Button Button
 class Music Music
 class Audio Audio player
 class Video Video