ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference

Abstract Class Debug


Debug methods

  • abstract:

Located in /libraries/Debug.class.php (line 13)

Class Constant Summary
 LOG_DATE = true
 LOG_NO_DATE = false
Method Summary
 static void foobar ( $message)
 static void log (string $message, [boolean $addDate = self::LOG_DATE], [string $logFilename = APP_DEBUG_LOG])
static foobar (line 34)


Dump the message in the Manialink explorer, only available when DEBUG_LEVEL is 1

void foobar ( $message)
  • $message
static log (line 24)

Writes a message in the debug log

void log (string $message, [boolean $addDate = self::LOG_DATE], [string $logFilename = APP_DEBUG_LOG])
  • string $message: The message
  • boolean $addDate: Whether to add the date to the message
  • string $logFilename: The log filename
Class Constants
LOG_DATE = true (line 15)
LOG_NO_DATE = false (line 16)