ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference

Abstract Class TMStrings


Misc functions for TM styled strings

  • abstract:

Located in /libraries/TMStrings.class.php (line 13)

Method Summary
 static void protectStyles (string $string, string 1)
 static string stripLinks (string $string)
 static string stripWideFonts (string $string)
static protectStyles (line 23)

Allows to safely put any TM-formatted string into another TM-formatted string

without conflicts (conflict example: you put a nickname in the middle of the sentance, the nickname has some bold characters and all the end of the sentance becomes bold)

void protectStyles (string $string, string 1)
  • string 1: Protected string
  • string $string: Unprotected string
static stripLinks (line 47)

Removes TM links

string stripLinks (string $string)
  • string $string
static stripWideFonts (line 33)

Removes some TM styles (wide, bold and shadowed) to avoid wide words

string stripWideFonts (string $string)
  • string $string