ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference

Abstract Class Maniacode


Maniacode Toolkit

  • abstract:

Located in /gui-toolkit/Maniacode.class.php (line 19)

Method Summary
 static void appendXML (string $XML)
 static void load ([bool $noconfirmation = false], [bool $createManialinkElement = true])
 static mixed render ([bool $return = false])
static appendXML (line 72)

Append some XML code to the document

void appendXML (string $XML)
  • string $XML: The given XML
static load (line 34)

Loads the Maniacode GUI Toolkit. This should be called before doing anything with the toolkit

  • access: public
void load ([bool $noconfirmation = false], [bool $createManialinkElement = true])
  • bool $noconfirmation: True if you don't want to see a message at the end of the execution of the maniacode
  • bool $createManialinkElement: Wheter you want to create the root "<maniacode>" element in the XML
static render (line 54)

Renders the Maniacode if no return the script will be stopped

  • return: The XML string if param true, in other case it returns void
  • access: public
mixed render ([bool $return = false])
  • bool $return: Whether you want to return the XML instead of printing it