ManiaLib 1.0b1 API Reference

Abstract Class ManiacodeComponent


Maniacode Toolkit base component

  • abstract:

Located in /gui-toolkit/standardManiacode.php (line 13)

Direct descendents
Class Description
Abstract class FileDownload File download
 class InstallTrackPack Install track pack
 class ShowMessage Show message
 class GotoLink Goto link
 class JoinServer Join server
 class AddBuddy Add buddy
 class InviteBuddy Invite buddy
Method Summary
 string getName ()
 void postFilter ()
 void preFilter ()
 void save ()
 void setName (string $name)
getName (line 41)

This method gets the Name of the element

  • return: This return the name of the file once download
string getName ()
preFilter (line 46)
  • access: protected
void preFilter ()
save (line 49)
void save ()
setName (line 30)

This method sets the Name of the file once download

void setName (string $name)
  • string $name: The name of the file once download